The tradition of innovation

Innovation in the wine cellar at Piglio has made important progress, in particular for the technology used for winemaking: new soft presses and completely automated production facilities were introduced. Moreover, a temperature-controlled aging room was created that has a capacity of about 300 hectoliters. 

Continuing the tradition of cultivating native grape varieties gets the vital lymph it needs from ongoing various research projects aimed at selecting the right clones of ancient grape varieties from the area. Thus it is possible to grow and make wine from these marvelous witnesses of the past, with an eye to their future and development.

The goal is always the same: to enhance and promote the grape varieties and the wines of a territory that is surprising for its natural beauty and landscape, for its medieval villages, for its aromas and flavors. Because the aroma of wine is the same as the land that produced it. And our land smells good.

Cantina Sociale Cesanese del Piglio:

A history,
a present,
a future