Cesanese, an uncommon grape

The denomination Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, or simply Piglio DOCG, is used only for wines produced with a minimum 90% of Cesanese di Affile and/or Cesanese comune grape varieties and not more than 10% of complementary grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the Region of Lazio. The production zone for the DOCG wine includes all of the territory of the towns of Piglio and Serrone, and part of the land in the towns of Acuto, Anagni and Paliano.

There are three types of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG: basic, Superiore and Riserva. If the word ‘Superiore’ appears, there is a minimum of 13% alcohol. If the word ‘Riserva’ appears, the wine has aged for at least 20 months and has a minimum of 14% alcohol.  There is also a Cesanese di Affile DOC, which is produced in the province of Rome.

Passerina del Frusinate IGT is an Indicazione Geografica Tipica wine produced from the white native grape variety Passerina.


A representative Cesanese from the area. Fresh with good minerality, with good body and easy to drink.

Grape variety: Cesanese di Affile 100%

Alcohol: 13%

Ruby red with violet hints, on the nose it is floral and fruity. 

De Antiochia

Pair with traditional dishes from the Ciociaria region like spaghetti all’amatriciana. Full bodied and balanced with soft tannins.

Grape variety: Cesanese di Affile 100%

Alcohol: 14%

Intense on the nose, black fruits and a spicy note. 

Elcini Cesanese del Piglio Superiore

This expression of the Cesanese grape yields a wine that is labeled Superiore. It ages in large casks for 20 months and is representative of the denomination. 

Grape variety: Cesanese di Affile 100%

Alcohol: 15%

Malolactic fermentation gives structure and a velvety quality, with soft tannins and full body. 

Dolce Chimera 

A sweet dessert wine, it is a surprising expression of the Cesanese comune grape. 

Grape variety: Cesanese comune 100%

Alcohol: 11.5%

An intense ruby red color, on the nose it has hints of blackberry jam, black cherry, prune.

Elcini Passerina del Frusinate IGT

The representative white wine of the territory, it is delicately fruity. 

Grape varieties: Passerina 90%, Malvasia Puntinata 10%

Alcohol: 13%

A straw yellow color with gold hues, on the nose it is fruity with hints of apple. On the palate it is persistent and sapid. 

Ilia Passerina del Frusinate IGT

The grape clusters for Ilia are selected in the vineyard during harvest to guarantee the freshness and right acidity. 

Grape variety: Passerina 100%

Alcohol: 12%

Straw yellow with gold hues, it is delicately fruity. On the palate it is round and mouth-watering, with just the right persistence. 

Grappa del Cesanese del Piglio

A spirit made with the marc from Cesanese di Affile grapes. 

Alcohol: 45%

Its transparent color is complemented on the nose by an intriguing floral and fruity bouquet. Smooth on the palate, it has a long finish.