From Piglio to Fiuggi… Drink the Territory 

The medieval village of Piglio is in the province of Frosinone at an elevation of about 620 meters above sea level. This is the heart of the denomination and where the Cantina Sociale is located. The beautiful panorama of the Monti Ernici offers extraordinary views of the mountains and valleys.

The production zone for the DOCG wine includes all of the territory of the towns of Piglio and Serrone, and part of the land in the towns of Acuto, Anagni and Paliano.


Anagni is known as the City of the Popes because it is the place where four pontiffs were born: Innocent III, Alexander IV, Gregory IX and Boniface VIII. Its cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria and has a marble flooring done by the Cosmati. The crypt, dedicated to Saint Magnus of Trani, the patron saint of the city, holds an important fresco cycle that dates back to circa 1100. 


Paliano, with its imposing fortress, was the property of the Colonna family of Rome. Surrounded by nature, it hosts a natural reserve. 


Serrone, a village inhabited by the Hernici, an ancient people, was an important crossroads for the defense of the area, in particular the sacred city of Anagni. 


Acuto, perched on a mountain, dominates the Sacco Valley with its stone houses and medieval alleyways.


In the environs of Piglio there is the town of Fiuggi, a famed tourist destination with its renowned thermal baths, and a source of water with remarkable therapeutic properties and benefits.